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Why Choose 1 Day Home Painting from Vijay Homer Services ?

How we work ?

1. Online Booking

Fill the form by clicking on book now button and we will contact you shortly.

2. Personalized Consultation

After booking, one of our dedicated customer executives will reach out to you promptly. They will discuss your specific requirements, preferred timing, and any other details necessary to tailor our service to your needs.

3. FREE On-Site Assessment

Our experienced Painting Supervisor, along with their skilled team, will personally visit your location at the scheduled time. Armed with the necessary materials and tools, they will conduct a thorough inspection of the walls to be painted.

4. Measurement and Inspection

Before beginning the painting process, our team will take precise measurements of the walls to ensure accurate estimates and minimal wastage of materials. They will also inspect the surfaces for any imperfections or repairs needed before painting.

5. Efficient Painting Process

With everything set up and prepared, our team will commence the painting job with precision and efficiency. Utilizing high-quality paints and advanced techniques, they will transform your walls with a flawless finish.

6. Same-Day Completion

At Vijay Home Services, we understand the importance of minimizing disruption to your daily routine. That’s why we strive to complete every painting project within a single day. From start to finish, our dedicated team will work diligently to ensure timely completion without compromising on quality.

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Who we are ?

Welcome to Vijay Home Services, your trusted partner for all your home improvement needs. Based in the vibrant city of Bangalore, with over 20 years of experience, we have been serving homeowners across 17+ cities in India with dedication and excellence.
At Vijay Home Services, we pride ourselves on our expertise in home painting, both interior and exterior. With a team of Asian Paints Certified Expert Painters, we guarantee professional quality and stunning results that exceed your expectations.
But our commitment to your home doesn’t stop there. In addition to our painting services, we offer a range of best-selling services including home deep cleaning and pest control. Our comprehensive solutions ensure that your home is not only beautifully painted but also clean, safe, and comfortable for you and your family.
What sets us apart is our dedication to premium service experience. Unlike other companies, we do not subcontract our work. Instead, our in-house teams of trained professionals handle every project with care and precision. From the initial consultation to the final brushstroke, we are with you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.
Experience the Vijay Home Services difference today. With unbeatable prices and unmatched quality, we are your one-stop destination for all your home improvement needs. Let us transform your house into the home of your dreams. Contact us now to schedule a consultation.

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Mr. Raghu

Home Painting

“He was searching for good painting works in Bangalore. We were among the 10 other service providers he sorted out from google result. Impressed by our punctuality, professionalism and ability to understand their requirements, we were awarded this project. Let’s check the video what else he said.”

Mr. Chakradhar GS

Deep Cleaning & Interior Painting

” We got an opportunity from Mr. Chakradhar GS for interior painting and deep cleaning service. It was pleasure working with such a nice person and loved the work. This is what he have to say about our services.”

Mr. V Muruhari

Interior Painting Service

“We have recently completed an interior service painting project in Brigade Metropolis for Mr. V Muruhari. To start with, the customer was not very sure about our service and they even put a condition on us that the payment will be done only on completion. See what he have to say about our services.”


The re-painting procedure for Interiors includes the following steps: 1) Check surface for dampness or water seepage. 2) Rectify the water seepage problem at the source. This could mean repairing leaking plumbing or cracks in the exterior walls. 3) Any loose plaster should be removed from the wall. Check for loose plaster by tapping on the walls. Any hollow sound means the plaster is loose. 4) Masonry work to be undertaken to fill up all cracks and repair broken plaster.
While Painting you need to keep in mind some Tips: 1) To save on costs, buy paint in the largest pack possible. 2) Stir and strain the paint thoroughly before application. 3) Rectify existing surface problems like cracks/seepage, etc before the actual painting process. 4) Ensure that the paint is bought from an authorized dealer. 5) Ensure that the shop has an additional quantity of paint in case you need it later (of course, at our dealers especially Colour World, you will not find this problem.) 6) If you are using thinners, primers and undercoats, ensure that they are of good quality. 7) Always clean spilt/splashed paint with a recommended thinner while it is still wet.
While painting, one must take a few precautions, such as: 1) Do not use cotton rags for cleaning, use soft synthetic or muslin cloth. Otherwise, threads will stick to the surface leading to a patchy, uneven finish. 2) Do not apply the next coat without the first one drying, otherwise you will have a wrinkly, patchy finish as well as loss of gloss. 3) Do not sandpaper very hard, otherwise there will be scratches, roughness and poor gloss. 4) Do not apply very thick coats, otherwise there will be a thick rough finish, resulting in slow drying. 5) Avoid mixing paints yourself. Buy readymade paints as far as possible, otherwise there will be patchy and inconsistent columns in the finish.
Priming can be skipped while repainting using a flat paint (matte finish), though it is always advisable to apply paint on well prepped and primed surface. But never give it a miss when 1. Fresh painting a surface/drywall 2. Using gloss/high sheen paints 3. Painting a drastic colour change – lighter shade over a darker one and vice-versa. 4. Painting on repaired walls(patched areas) or walls in bad condition – paint flaking/peel off 5. Painting wood surfaces.
Paints are available in following dead flat to high gloss finishes: · Matte · Semi Gloss or Satin or Soft Sheen · High Gloss or Super Sheen or Silky.
Matte finish is opaque and does not reflect light at all and thus can cover up minor imperfections. It is not washable or stain resistant, so only way to get rid of scribbles or stains, is to paint over them. Matte paint is least expensive of all emulsions and is the most economical solution for houses on rent.
Rule of thumb says higher the sheen, higher the shine, more durable and easy to maintain it is and higher the cost. But, high sheen also reflects more light and hence imperfections like patches or reworked areas are easily noticeable. Gloss paints can be used in areas that demand attention and easy maintenance, like high traffic living room, kids room, kitchen and bath. If you have to impress your tenants with your freshly painted apartment and also save good cash, go for matte paints. They are easy to be painted over and do not show up minor imperfections as well. A smart tip is to use combination of paints: Matte finish on ceiling and products of desired sheen on walls.
High gloss paints are well suited for kitchens because of their high washability and stain resistance.
An Enamels, primarily used on wooden and metallic surfaces can also provide easy to maintain surfaces on walls. But due to their very high gloss, even paint brush or roller marks become visible. It is hence advisable to use enamels, only on smaller area on walls.
Tractor Emulsion of Asian Paints ·Bison Super Emulsion of Berger ·Beauty Smooth of Nerolac

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